5 Trends Driving the Future of Online Shopping

While we rely on technology for everything these days, shopping is one activity that technology has upped its game with. Having a shopping experience with the help of a cell phone that provide platforms like Amazon, eBay and many more basically changed the way we used to think about shopping. You can even visit trulycoin.com to shop for crypto coins.

  1. There has been a rise in the field of distributed commerce. As we all know the e-commerce has gradually evolved to m-commerce where m’ stands for mobile. It has been estimated by BI intelligence that m-commerce will be reaching $284 billion by the year 2020. It doesn’t matter where the customers are shopping, one thing is clear that shopping online has made an enormous improvement.
  2. The online shopping platforms are getting inspired by wanting to make the path between searching and purchasing even shorter and it is being named as distributed commerce or frictionless commerce. This trend will offer the brands better engagement with their customers.
  3. Customers who prefer shopping online are searching for the authentic seller and demanding to view the content visually. As we know the majority of the time is spent on the social platform by an average person every day which has made them more sophisticated and can easily understand which product is authentic and which is not. Most of them are relying on other people’s review.
  4. Another trend that is helping the brands to be heard is making a short video of their product so as to attract customers because there are thousands of products that are being launched every day.
  5. The brands are approaching social influencers for better and authentic content. These people utilize strategy and offer many benefits which will include getting customers from their own audience. They have the ability to produce a content that is of high-quality consistently which will have both the aesthetic nature of the brand and the demand of the customer to see and feel the product.