Why buy toys that are educational for kids and also playful

Studies show that kids play a lot with electronic gadgets and smartphones more than toys! Toys are necessary for keeping the kids occupied. They serve more purposes than that. If you are a parent searching to buy a toy for your kid, you have to read this.

Several toys in the market come for kids of all age groups to play and even educate them. This way they are not bored learning mathematics, language, etc. Here are reasons why buy toys that are educational for kids and also playful for them.

  1. Intellectual Development: When kids have toys around them they play for a while and then want to also know how they work. Such as a keyed musical doll, or a remote controlled car toy, etc. This makes a kid curious to learn new things.
  1. Social Development: Kids who play together also lean how to share and have their fun time together. They learn from a younger age to know each other’s play style and there are others as well apart from them.For example, toys my 8 year old boy loves Disney’s Club House it is a joint effort of all the kids and they learn team work.
  1. Pretend Play: This enables kids to develop imaginative skills and more importantly creativity. With pretend play toys they create and make up a play or story on their own to improve creative skills.
  1. Faster Learning: Due to the digital age and more interactive sessions, kids learn faster than being taught a lesson in regular classroom. So, interactive toys helps the kids’ concentration & comprehension or grasping.
  1. Positive Outlook: Educational toys, cartoon role models, educational apps, youtube kids, etc. help in creating a positive outlook in kids as it is non-conventional learning.